The history of Fade is a history of passion for table furniture that has started in 1965 with the activity of porcelain decoration. Over the years, Fade has been identified with values such as competence and reliability. Today, Fade is proud to celebrate the first 50 years of activity in the name of these values.
During this journey lasted 50 years we always walked together with our customers.
The wide experience of our team allows us to propose new collections and products characterized by high quality standards and selected with taste and elegance criteria. Thanks to this, Fade succeeds in presenting brand new collections more than 3 times a year.
The philosophy of Fade can be summarized in three words: dynamism, service and proposal.
Currently, the philosophy of our Company can be summarized in two words: innovation and originality. In fact, Fade has the ability to follow the evolution of the market thanks to its continuous technological research. In order to implement this innovations, Fade is supported by the valuable advice of established marketing ad design professionals.
All Fade new lines are the result of projects that have been cultivated in accordance with a great business collaboration. In particular, the latter has been created and supported by an experienced leadership during the years.
Today, Fade - which is based in the Republic of San Marino - is an important reality able to meet the needs of over 3.000 multi-brand retail points of sales on the national territory, with reliability and efficiency. Furthermore, Fade is on the foreign market thanks to its exclusive collections, handcrafted in Italy.
To satisfy customer with fast delivery service Fade has a 15.000 square meters commercial warehouse which is fully computerized and able to process quickly orders and re-orders.
Today, the Company can boast wide thematic catalogues and it can present a wide range of products from all over the world designed in order to decorate rooms and living spaces with elegance.
Fade aims to explore all the possibilities offered by design and wants to evolve with them in order to create a home in constant transformation.


The philosophy of Fade can be summarized in three words: dynamism, service and proposal.

The company gives much attention to market and trends without never lose at sight proper balance between quality and price of proposed articles.
To do this Fade make use of advice from specialized professionals in marketing and design that study and plan new products to be proposed and their image.
The target of the company is to grant to customers new exclusive collections that  distinguish for originality in design and up to date so to be always abreast with times,  tastes and needs of final consumers.
Fade to satisfy customer with fast delivery service has a 15.000 square meters commercial warehouse and advanced systems for loading, quality control and products storage. An efficient system to handle  articles, with operators equipped with radio frequency terminals, that are guided from “start”  to "end line", where is the final control and arrangement for dispatch, makes Fade a company leader in sector in terms of organization and reduced delivery times.
The company to grant successfully a fast and optimal service is equipped with innovative management system ERP for accounting, purchasing, sales, logistics, after-sales service and CRM Customer Relationship Management compatible with realization of appropriate Business Intelligence.

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